Mystery Shopping

See Through Your Customer’s Eyes.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping emerges as a potent research methodology, providing companies with insights beyond conventional customer survey findings. It encompasses various research approaches and involves reporting for retail locations, call center environments, and online services.

At TransMR, we empower businesses to discern deviations in customer service delivery from anticipated standards at a detailed level. This becomes particularly crucial during the implementation of new sales processes or the establishment of fresh customer service benchmarks.

Research Techniques in Mystery Shopping:

  • Locality Cleanliness
  • Employee Professionalism
  • Pricing Evaluation
  • Safety Evaluation
  • Experience Consistency
  • Marketing and Branding / Visual Merchandising
  • Comparative Analysis (Across products and brands)
  • Inventory Management
    • Employee Checks

* Timeliness

* Friendliness


  • Brand Awareness
  • Information Relevance
  • Script Compliance
  • Ease of Navigation (Website)
  • Technical Operations
  • Purchase Process Efficiency
  • Employee Customer Relationship Management

Reporting & Dashboard

All mystery shopping reports are delivered through our intelligent software platform for fast and easy analysis of results. By using TRANS MR’s custom dashboards, you can have a quick overview or drill right down to analyse issues and opportunities.

Our reports go beyond the simple delivery of one-dimensional information and you can use our reporting platform to aid you with the training, development and motivation of your employees.

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