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Value Proposition Consultancy

Constructing a value proposition is at the very heart of marketing. At its simplest, it refers to giving the customer what they want at a price that makes it profitable for us, the provider.

In most cases, value proposition development occurs after some kind of segmentation, with a separate value proposition developed for each segment. Increasingly, companies base their propositions around sophisticated needs-based segmentations, but they can equally be based around simpler firmographic or behavioural models.

How To Develop A Customer Value Proposition / Elevator Pitch

Trans MR Consulting specialises in working with our clients to turn segmentation data, needs data and other data into defensible value propositions that your marketing and sales teams can take to market. While we are keen advocates of survey-based segmentations, we are equally adept at using your internal data and knowledge.

By working with your team in workshop format on data internal and external to your business, we move forward towards developing propositions that cover all of the 4Ps of marketing: product, price, place and promotion. This is achieved by understanding questions such as:

  • Who is the target audience? What defines the customer in terms of firmographics, behaviour, psychographics and needs?
  • What is the value we can offer, in terms of product, service and intangibles?
  • What is the value (potential profit) of the segment?
  • What are the table-stakes?
  • Where do we have a competitive advantage?
  • What would be the 'banner' that encapsulates our offer in a few words?

If you are seeking to challenge or develop the offering that your customers receive, contact us: