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Product Development Research

New product development is a company's lifeblood.

Growth and profits suffer without aggressive product development introducing new products and services into the market.

All companies need to find out what their existing and potential customers want in order to meet any gaps in the market. However, asking your customers to take the role of R&D personnel to find out what they want will not always lead to success.

The key to successful market research for new product development comes from an understanding of what customers do and don't value, not simply from asking them to submit their own solutions.

New product development research is not always about looking at the product in isolation; the product, the packaging, the advertising and the pricing strategy are all integral parts of the research.

Mitigating Investment Risk Using Product Research

Any new product launch is inherently risky as it is a venture into the unknown. Trans MR Consultancy has shown that thorough, well planned research can accurately pinpoint the richest areas of opportunity and therefore prioritise the most promising areas of new product development.

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