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Market Tracking

How well do you know your market?

As competition becomes more intense, companies need to assess their relationships with their customers, determine what might drive them to switch providers, assess new markets for entry, protect their customers from competitors and target new prospects.

What Is Market Tracker Research?

Market tracking research provides up-to-the-minute, detailed market intelligence. Market tracking monitors allow important trends to be captured rapidly, enabling quick, reliable decisions to be made on market size, growth, value and development.

Tracking research is also fundamental to monitoring brands, measuring customer satisfaction and researching advertising. Market tracking allows companies to monitor how effective they are in relation to their competitors, and to react quickly to changing market conditions.

Bespoke Tracking

Market tracking can be specifically tailored to your needs. It can be large or small in scale, multi-country or country specific. Time wise it can be monthly, quarterly or continuous throughout the year.

Trans MR Consulting will work with you to bring together our market tracking expertise to develop a custom-built monitor study so that you can track real market change.

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