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Focus Group Recruitment

At Trans MR Consulting we spend all our time interviewing business decision makers throughout the world and we are experts at getting them to co-operate.

We understand that business decision makers are busy people; they are tied to their jobs and very often cannot be released during the day. It requires a very special approach to achieve their co-operation. This is the market in which we work every day and we know how to obtain co-operation with business respondents to take part in focus groups.

Over the years we have honed our skills in getting hold of the right person, persuading them to speak to us, and understanding how to obtain the right answers to the important questions.

Through this experience we have unrivalled abilities in carrying out research in difficult markets. We always anticipate that there could be some difficulties in getting respondents to spend time in attending a focus group and talking to us as they have little to gain from giving us their time. Our skills and approach are therefore of considerable value in any project involving focus groups.