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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Few would argue that the most valuable resource of any organisation is its people.

Staff well-being and their level of satisfaction and engagement has been found to directly impact on organisational performance and ultimately organisational success. It is an obvious statement but high employee satisfaction levels can reduce employee turnover. Dissatisfied employees tend to perform below their capabilities, result in high turnover of staff and leave their jobs relatively quickly, and are not very likely to recommend your company as an employer.

Staff satisfaction surveys give employees 'a voice' and also allows the pinpointing of problematic areas, leading to the raising of staff satisfaction levels, developing and reviewing of staff management, and optimising corporate communications.

Trans MR Consulting - Employee Satisfaction Research

Issues our research covers include the current workplace situation, management styles/attitudes, internal communications, workplace atmosphere, corporate culture/vision and image.

Employee satisfaction surveys encompasses many different research techniques but the measurement of satisfaction is only the first step to improving employee satisfaction.


Step 1

The issues to research are gathered through qualitative depth interviews or internal focus groups with staff

Step 2

Questionnaires administered to staff either through a written survey or electronically via an intranet/e-mail/website

Step 3

Staff workshops present the findings and allow the workforce to have their questions answered as to 'what it all means'

Step 4

Improvements are implemented based on the survey results – Our consultants will work alongside your company to help put into practice the survey recommendations

Step 5

Benchmark surveys – measurement of change needs to take place at specified time intervals to check on employee attitudes

Employee satisfaction surveys may not be as expensive as you think. Moving your staff satisfaction research to the Web will dramatically reduce the cost and significantly improve the quality of the results you receive. In fact, employee satisfaction surveys conducted online have resulted in approximately 75% completion rates compared to 65% for the traditional "paper and pencil" methodology.

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