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Customer Loyalty Research

Customer loyalty research has shown that most companies lose 45% to 50% of their customers every five years, and winning new customers can be up to 20 times more expensive than retaining existing customers. Moreover, just a 5% reduction in the customer defection rate can increase profits by 25% to 85%, depending on the industry.

Given the above claims, it is imperative that you know what makes buyers and specifiers choose one supplier rather than another. On your behalf we need to ask the right questions and devise techniques to obtain the right answers.

Why Is Customer Loyalty Research Important?

Our customer loyalty programme is designed to help you win and maintain customers for life. After all, satisfaction usually leads to a customer returning and buying more. Repeat, loyal customer tells other people about their experiences, and they may well pay a premium for the privilege of doing business with a supplier they trust.

Whilst the purpose of customer satisfaction research is to improve customer satisfaction, so often surveys sit collecting dust. Worse than that, customers have generously given their time to assist in the survey believing that some positive action will take place. Their expectations will have been raised. The process of collecting the data can seem easier than taking action to improve satisfaction levels.

In any customer loyalty research there will be quick fixes – actions that can be taken today or tomorrow that will have immediate effect. In the longer term, cultural changes may well be required to improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and that is more difficult.

Our Experience In Customer Loyalty Research

A third of all research carried out at Trans MR Consulting is customer loyalty research. Over the years we have conducted hundreds of customer loyalty surveys leading to a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) portfolio. This enables comparisons with other industries to be made, and proves useful in customer benchmarking our clients for improvement in the future.


The reporting tool enables each subsection or division/department within the Client organisation to interrogate customer loyalty KPIs by whichever filters or groupings necessary.

Customer loyalty surveys can also be a useful complement to brand research, in that desired corporate positioning can act as a catalyst for customer service excellence.

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