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Use cost-effective market research to lock in customers and lock out the competition

In testing economic times such as these, marketers are facing pressures to reduce costs along with fewer profitable customers and a shrinking customer base. It is now more important than ever to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty are high and to avoid losing customers to the competition. The customer lock-in toolkit can help.

The customer lock-in toolkit is an inexpensive online survey that asks the key questions that matter to your customers and your business. Each question represents an important tool in the kit that provides the crucial answers to decreasing sales and defecting customers.

The toolkit has been designed by leading practitioners and is aimed to provide actionable findings on improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer loyalty and fulfilling unmet needs with an overall aim of locking customers in and locking competitors out.

The Customer Lock-In Toolkit has three key benefits:

  • The results are immediate
  • It builds customer satisfaction and therefore a stronger business for the long term
  • It is extremely inexpensive to instigate

What you get with the Customer Lock-In Toolkit

  • A concise offering which focuses on the essentials, meaning that the toolkit is fast, easy and inexpensive to use
  • The ability to contribute to the toolkit, enabling questions specific to a business division, unit or customer group to be included
  • Provision of detailed findings per customer (subject to requests for anonymity), enabling direct actions and improvements to be taken
  • Data tables showing datasets according to different variables, highlighting key measurements and enabling trends to be identified at both a detailed and high level
  • Real-time access to results whilst the survey is in progress
  • Analysis and interpretation of findings, with presentation via WebEx
  • Option to re-run the survey to monitor improvements over time

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