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From potential customer to loyal brand obsessive - putting the customer at the heart of your business is a win-win situation for all involved. The customer is delighted, staff are thrilled, and the financial director is doing cartwheels of joy. We can help you understand and develop all aspects of the customer lifecycle.

The Role of Customer Experience Research

Customer satisfaction is no longer enough! Times have changed and what used to work in the past will not have the same effect today. Satisfied customers are customers that have only had their expectations met but in today's ultra-competitive environment, just meeting needs is not good enough; expectations need to be exceeded and customer loyalty is the Holy Grail!

  • A satisfied customer = lower complaints = lower cost to serve
  • A loyal customer = reduced churn + spend more + advocacy = increased revenue & customer base

Customer satisfaction research has advanced massively over the years from “satisfaction” measurement to “loyalty” measurement and the development of metrics such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Net Value Score.

Sometimes asking consumers what they want or how they feel about things is simply not enough: they may say one thing, but in practice will – subconsciously or otherwise – do something else

Why is Customer Experience Research Important?

Trans MR Consulting can help your company not only identify different segments in your consumer markets but also create different customer value propositions so that you can more closely meet their needs. The major benefits are fourfold:

  • Improve customer retention through providing a variety of offerings in line with a customer’s stage in their life-cycle (after all, needs change over time)
  • It is built from the customer’s perspective and focuses on how it feels to be a customer. The fact that it is not internally- or business-driven, allows improvement gaps to be identified
  • It focuses on the outcomes of interactions at each part of the journey and the emotional responses they provoke, resulting in a customer-centric culture being built throughout a company
  • It acts as the foundation from which market research insights can be used to drive business improvement initiatives, thus delivering action of what needs to be done to meet customer needs

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