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Competitive Intelligence Research

Organisations now operate in a world in which competitive information is more readily and publicly available than ever before.

Thanks to the development of the Internet, information on market trends, legislation, customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, product development and almost every other conceivable topic is available at the click of a mouse.

Despite this trend, it is often the most valuable information which cannot be found online. An example of this is competitive intelligence, regarded by most information users as the most difficult type of information to acquire.

Our competitive intelligence solutions are bespoke, and are designed to meet your individual competitive intelligence needs. From strategic overviews of the competitive environment through to specific competitor profiles, B2B International can provide you with a solution.

Where do we get our competitive intelligence from?

Sources that are typically used in a competitive intelligence study include:

  • Press analysis - using news aggregators, databases and journal subscriptions
  • Competitor pricing research
  • Competitor interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Interviews with suppliers, distributors, associations and other high-level industry experts
  • Collating information observed "on the ground" by sales teams, account managers and other internal personnel
  • Company website analysis
  • Governmental and publicly held records

Output of competitor intelligence studies

Competitor intelligence studies are rich and diverse in the insights they provide. These studies provide a comprehensive outline of the competitive environment as well as detailed competitor profiles covering topics such as company characteristics, needs, views on supplier performance, investment plans, strategic direction, product pipeline, marketing strategies, financial data, expansion records and plans and so on.

Competitor profiles are by their nature tailor-made, although frameworks such as Porter’s 5 Forces (see below) can be used as a basis for a high level assessment of the overall competitive environment in any market.


Who we undertake competitive intelligence for

Almost any company operating in a competitive environment can benefit from a competitive intelligence review. We have conducted such studies in a variety of industries, from healthcare, pharmaceuticals and education through to industrial coatings, chemicals and the construction industry.

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