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Business Strategy And Implementation

A key part of every Trans MR Consulting project is the final presentation, at which our senior team presents the research findings and puts forward a set of recommendations based on these findings, and the objectives of our Client.

Our Trans MR Implement offering takes things further, as our team:

  • Takes a holistic view of your business by immersing itself in the objectives of a wide cast of senior decision-makers
  • Facilitates discussion between these decision-makers, ensuring the buy-in of your team at the outset of the study and firm actions at the end
  • Develops a strategic plan in partnership with your business, blending your business' objectives with the findings from the research
  • Develops with you a list of specific tactics and actions that will enable you to achieve this strategic plan
  • Recommends controls to ensure that the plan is implemented

How does Trans MR Consulting IMPLEMENT work?

Trans MR Consulting Implement is an add-on to your tailored market research study. It is based on the principle that the best market research (ie the research that delivers the highest ROI) involves from start to finish the people who will be responsible for implementing the research findings.

A kick-off workshop at your offices is facilitated by the senior Trans MR Consulting team, and aims to draw out the challenges and priorities of your senior decision-makers with a view to reflecting these in the study design.

An implementation workshop upon completion of the study (usually immediately following the final results presentation) is facilitated by the same team and again your senior decision-makers would participate. This session seeks to link the research findings with your businesses’ strategic and tactical objectives before devising a plan of action courtesy of our proprietary MOSAIC framework:

Map Assessment of the market, the channels, the competition, and your position in the market (the market research)
Objectives Your goals that should be SMART – specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and timely
Strategy The broad, long term, high level means by which you will achieve the goals based on the 4Ps
Action The detailed ways you will achieve the strategy and respond to competitive pressures. Your use of discounts, short term promotions etc.
Implementation Who will do what, by when and with what resources
Controls The measures you will put in place to make sure that you achieve your goals

To find out more about how Trans MR Implement can work for you, contact us: