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Branding market research has shown that 5% of a company's stock value is the direct result of the company's brand image

This effect is likely to be much greater as there are many indirect effects of a good image. People want to buy more from a company with a good image, they will pay more for its products, they will forgive the odd failure or mistake, the company will attract the best employees, it will be easier to convert new customers and so on.

The Role of Branding Research

Consumer companies have long recognized the importance of branding and brand research yet it is one of the most neglected areas of business-to-business markets. We are passionate about the value of building a strong corporate brand (or, if you prefer, its 'position'). In fact, we would go so far as to say that building a strong corporate brand is the only sure way to differentiate an industrial product.

What is Brand Research? The Corporate Positioning Process

Trans MR Consulting has developed a unique and tested branding market research model for analyzing and building a strong corporate position that has been endorsed by many of our clients. Click on the different stages to see how Trans MR Consulting brand image market research program can help you:


Stage 1: Where Do You Stand ?

Every company has a position. Usually companies just grow with very little steering of their brand so they end up, for better or worse, with the image they have today. Our brand image program begins with brand research to find out what the brand values are and how they are seen in the eyes of customers and potential customers.

We use two techniques. The first sorts out the issue that people value in a brand and determines the role they play in influencing the image of a company. The second technique draws out the softer issues that make up a corporate position so that we can measure the 'fit' of the brand and see how it could be developed.

Stage 2: Goals & Strategy

Stage 2 involves Trans MR Consulting working with our client to set brand image goals and to determine how they should be achieved. The goals will be based around the strengths that were flushed out by the research. There would usually be some aspiration built into the goals, so that the 'brand mission' for the company has something to aim towards - a particular image that it wants to build.

Stage 3: Aligning the Company with the Brand Position

With a thorough understanding of the current strengths and weaknesses and with a goal for the brand, Trans MR Consulting works with the client to establish a corporate position. For most companies this involves working with all levels of staff to ensure they are aligned to the goals and know the part they can play to ensure that the position is achieved.

In stage 3 (as well as in stage 2) we work closely with our client's advertising agency to ensure that they are in agreement with the positioning goals and can devise advertising messages that communicate the branding mission.

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