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How much of advertising spend is wasted money ?

This is a very difficult question to answer, as measuring the effectiveness of any advertising or direct mail campaign is not scientific and therefore hard to quantify. Whilst we know that it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign, we also know that very few people even attempt advertising effectiveness research.

How Advertising Testing Research Can Help

Advertising testing can help a company to not only develop a campaign itself, but to also measure the awareness of a campaign and to track its effectiveness over time.

Successful advertising effectiveness research and marketing can help companies make a difference in their business and sell more products or services. Advertising costs are an expensive component of the marketing mix, and so per-testing is often required to gather market opinion and avoid costly mistakes.

Our Experience In Advertising Effectiveness Research

Trans MR Consulting has carried out numerous advertising effectiveness research projects. Our experience in advertising research spans advertising development effectiveness and tracking campaigns, both above the line and below the line. We have a track record in conducting B2B and B2C advertising effectiveness research that helps clients understand the factors behind successful campaigns, as well as the reasons why a campaign wasn't successful.

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