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Acquisition Research

The need for formal market research as part of the acquisition process depends on the acquirer's existing level of knowledge about the market.

More often than not, the market or company of interest is new to the potential purchaser. New ventures are especially risky and so commercial due diligence is often required to research the takeover prospect, including consideration of the market in which it operates.

The Role Of Acquisition Research

Market research has three roles to play in acquisition research: It can:

  • Identify areas of opportunity and companies within them
  • Be used to screen lists of potential acquisitions and
  • Most importantly, it can be used to produce a profile of potential acquisitions.

Depth studies of acquisitions should provide a detailed background on the company’s history, sales and customers. To put these into context, it should also position the company in the market as a whole.

Further Benefits

Acquisition research can answer the unknown on:

  • How big a present market is and the structure of the market
  • What penetration the targeted company has of the market
  • How satisfied customers of the targeted company are
  • What the future holds for the targeted company/market

Trans MR Consulting has carried out due diligence research studies in various geographies globally.

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