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Know your business – even better than you do now. Every store, all the time.

If you could be at every one of your store- restaurant, supermarket, bank, or theatre locations, you know things would be done right. But you can’t. And mistakes are costly to business.

Mystery Shopping, also referred to as Secret Shopping, gives you objective insight into exactly how your business is presenting itself to your customers.

We are one the renowned mystery shopping company in the sub continent, with 63,000+ mystery shoppers worldwide and about 15000+ mystery shoppers – PAN INDIA and extending. We can be every place you can’t. We make anonymous visits or calls to your locations and answer custom questionnaires to give you a comprehensive, unbiased view of your operations from the point of view of your customer.

From branding and operational compliance to customer service, appearance and wait time, you can measure and optimize your operations, improve customer satisfaction and maximize sales.


  • Mystery Shoppes, over 15000 throughout INDIA and overall 63000 across Asia Pacific , Africa and Middle East.
  • Years of success and experience in the mystery shopping industry since 2006.
  • Highest quality standards for shopper recruiting, data collection and reporting.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing large, complex and custom evaluation programs.
  • Applications including purchase/return scenarios, telephone mystery shopping, hotel audits and call center monitoring.


  • On-site branding and operational compliance.
  • Staff appearance, friendliness and engagement.
  • Sales force effectiveness.
  • Wait and service time.
  • Overall quality of product or service.
  • Cleanliness and general appearance of location—both interior and exterior.
  • Product/service selection and availability.
  • Cleanliness, functionality and stock condition of restrooms.
  • Up-selling of additional products and services.
  • Customer thank you and invitation to return.
  • Overall on-site customer experience.
  • Just about anything that is important in your many locations.


  • Improved operational performance to maximize the customer experience, sales and profitability.
  • Better brand compliance and performance, differentiating your brand promise to customers.
  • Identified areas where new procedures and/or additional training can improve your bottom line.
  • An understanding in real time of top and bottom performing stores.
  • Desired employee behaviors reinforced by rewarding store managers and personnel who deliver an outstanding guest experience.
  • Correlated sales results to specific operational areas in your stores with Advanced Analytics.

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Onsite Audits

You know it matters and we do too – what your customers see when they are in your stores. An onsite mystery shopping program is like having a set of eyes in your locations. See your customer's actual experiences through our eyes when they physically visit your locations.

Trans MR Onsite Audits provide another critical piece of the customer intelligence puzzle by objectively and consistently assessing store appearance, merchandising, promotions, stock levels, pricing, customer service, speed of service, staff knowledge, compliance with company standard relating to product/ service etc. across all your locations. These assessments get the facts about what's happening with your products/services so that you can benchmark, strategize and improve.

And we're good at it! Trans MR Consulting has ability and insights to support the sub continent's largest retailers, restaurants, grocery chains, multiplexes, hotels and CPG companies, developing industry-leading expertise in collecting in-store product data with our audit methodology.

For Mystery Audits, we utilize the most suitable shopper from a segment of our shopper base individually selected and trained for this unique solution to deliver precise, specialized information at the store level without the knowledge of the store staff. Our mystery audits are meticulous, specialized, custom and accurate. They go beyond the hypothetical data provided by cameras, room scanner systems to uncover the reasons behind customer experience. We can reach any geographical location, support rotation requirements to assure accuracy and anonymity, match people demographically where appropriate and capture highly detailed information and then help you turn it into improved performance.

Onsite Mystery Audits

  • Deep understanding of on-site data collection across a wide range of industries.
  • Rigorous standards for quality and accuracy.
  • Experienced auditors with industry background and experience.


  • Staff-Associate/Manager friendliness, professionalism, sales skills, product knowledge, attentiveness, follow-up, appearance, demeanor, closure,
    "thank you", invitation to return
  • Which products or services are recommended
  • Suggestive sell/add-on sales opportunities
  • Appearance, cleanliness and image of location
  • Vendor compliance
  • Store layout and adherence to planograms at the SKU level.
  • Compliance with corporate branding and signage guidelines.
  • Accuracy of product pricing.
  • Presence and position of promotional displays, signs and point-of-sale material.
  • Product distribution and in-store placement.
  • Inventory levels and out-of-stock status.
  • Product pricing in comparison to your competitors with Competitive Price Tracking.

So You Can

  • Quantify lost sales due to stock-outs,staff service levels, product and sales knowledge and implement strategies for improvement.
  • Identify individual locations that are non-compliant with marketing or merchandising programs and resolve issues quickly.
  • Ensure products are priced accurately and consistently.
  • Verify that promotional programs are launched on time and executed properly.
  • Identify opportunities to improve consumer navigation through changes to store layout or signage.

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Called your business lately? How was your call handled? Your phone is often the first impression people get of your company. It's tremendously important these days to make a great first impression; customer's attention spans are short and you won’t get a chance for a "do-over". We can help you identify whether a customer's telephone experience will encourage them to call you again, or whether they'll hang up and never return.

Trans MR Consulting provides our clients with digitally recorded phone calls, and we are one of renowned company in this mystery shopping industry providing phone-based mystery shopping programs. We work with various clients in more than different industries to evaluate their telephone customer service, sales skills, problem resolution, and their competition.

Call evaluations can be digitally recorded, uploaded into a scored report, and emailed to you within just 24-72 hours of the call. We can use either locally-based mystery shoppers, or our team of in-house callers, or both, depending on what is most appropriate for your program.


  • Number of rings before answer
  • Friendliness and focus on the caller
  • Background noise/distractions
  • Customer service
  • Problem resolution skills
  • Sales skills
  • Product knowledge
  • If call transferred, was it done quickly, correctly
  • Closing, thank-you, invitation to call again
  • Competitors

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Click – I'm here! Whether selling products and services via the web, or simply providing customers with an information and contact portal, your customer's expectations are very high. Frankly, they expect their online experience will be as good or better than their other contact touch points with your company. Are you creating and delivering a great online experience? When customers visit your site, does it feel and seem the same as visiting your locations or calling you on the phone? Examples of what can be measured via website evaluations include:

  • Ordering, shipping, delivery, returns
  • Service, accuracy, correct charges
  • Were inquiries acknowledged immediately via an auto-responder?
  • How long after inquiry was actual contact made ?
  • Was post-inquiry contact electronic, telephone, both ?
  • How many post-inquiry contacts were made ?
  • Were the responses appropriate to the inquiry, professional, correctly spelled, proper grammar used, etc. ?
  • Product availability, backorder notification, delivery as promised
  • Cross-sell/add-on product suggestions made ?
  • Did products received match what was pictured on the site ?
  • Condition of package and products when received
  • Marketing materials included in shipment ?
  • Ease and sensibility of navigation
  • Problem resolution scenarios
  • Were shipping & delivery notifications/confirmations provided ?
  • Product returns – entire scenario
  • Follow-up contact/communications

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Competitive Evaluation

Stay a step ahead of your Competitors

To keep your loyal customers and earn market share, you really have to know your competitors' business as well as yours: how they perform, where they excel or fall short and how you compare.

Trans MR Consulting Competitive Evaluations deliver objective information on your competitors across a set of consistent measures that you define–information you can't get from internal assessments or loosely structured competitive analysis programs.

Using our extensive network of mystery shoppers and auditors to evaluate your operations and those of your competitors from the customer's perspective, we enable you to:

Measure Your Competitors in Terms of

  • Price Tracking with Pricemark
  • Staff appearance, friendliness and politeness
  • Wait and service time
  • Quality and timeliness of customer greeting
  • Overall atmosphere of the location
  • Overall product or service quality
  • Cleanliness and general appearance of location—both interior and exterior
  • Store and product layout
  • Product/service selection and availability
  • Execution of promotional programs
  • Cleanliness, functionality and stock condition of restrooms
  • Overall on-site customer experience

So You Can

  • Benchmark your locations against your competitors
  • Pinpoint the source of differences in competitive performance
  • Identify key drivers of sales and market share by correlating shifts in these areas to fluctuations in your operational metrics versus your competition's
  • Develop operational procedures and training programs targeting areas where you have a competitive disadvantage
  • Optimize your customer experience by bringing proven processes to your own operations
  • Create promotional programs which speak to your strengths relative to the competition
  • Develop effective pricing, promotion and service strategies

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Custom Reporting / Data Analytics

Finding the shortest path to profit.

In-store data like customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping and retail audits can tell you what is happening at your locations, and how your customers are responding. But the data can also be contradictory, and it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what matters most to drive improvements in same-store sales. All stores aren't alike: They contrast between small and large, urban and suburban, brand-new and older, high traffic and low.With all this complexity, customer experience data and operational performance metrics can be apples and oranges without proper statistical integration. To really make the linkage to sales growth, you need custom models that account for all that 'messiness' in the data and identify exactly where you should be focusing your attention to grow your sales. That's the role of advanced analytics. And Advanced Analytics is where Trans MR Consulting excels.

Advanced Analytics uses your customer intelligence data to map out what matters most to your customers, store by store, in order to drive real, even predicted sales.

Our in house analytics team provides both loyalty and financial analytics and predictive sales modelling. You can be confident that those recommendations accurately indicate where to focus, why to focus there and what you can expect in financial return if you do . In simple terms, evaluations are approved by our Quality Assurance Teams, these reports are automatically updated, and available 24/7 in real time from anywhere in the world.

We assist clients by analyzing their results, compiling executive summaries and then consulting with them on recommendations for customer experience improvement, best practice development, training suggestions, reward and incentive programs, and other initiatives that help to complete the circle.

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