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About Us

We are a full service Market Research company headquartered in Mumbai with Field representatives across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Country specific EU and Latin America. Driven by innovative-minded professionals who are poised to provide informed solutions to clients.

Our professional pull expertise spans over 7 years.

Founded by seasoned research professionals in response to an emerging global need, TransMR Consulting offers its clients topmost research and consultancy services that go far beyond data collection and insights.

With global experience and an unbeatable understanding of the cross cultural market, our team of experts is fully equipped to help you grow your business in your targeted markets.

We have successfully launched, positioned and repositioned several brands in the Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, EU and Latin Americas working as backend service provider to various known companies in the market research domain. The single most important resource is our panel of over 63,000 Para professional research participants (Brand Agents/Mystery Shoppers/Field Agents).

Trans MR Consulting also continues to invest heavily in R&D, new sales capacity and in IT infrastructure. With offices and knowledge centres across Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, country specific EU and Latin America, we offer a truly global perspective in almost every industry niche, from consumer goods, retail and technology to financial services, health, public affairs, media and more.


Why Us

Strategic Research Expertise + Innovation

The thing that most differentiates us from our competitors is the fact that Trans MR Consulting is a unique blend of some of the sub-continent’s foremost strategic market research experts and leading edge innovative technology.

Our services make a difference in the rare skill and experience of our professionals who are dedicated to their work and use simple innovative processes to tackle the complex needs of our clients in order to give them value! Our clients endorse our work, our customer management skills and our innovative solutions.

In the cloud computing world there is no slowing down. We are constantly pushing ourselves forward. We also realize that there are many complimentary technologies in this fast paced industry that can help our clients achieve the connections, dialogue, and customer intimacy they desire.

The technology-led communications revolution is constantly evolving and pivoting. Trans MR Consulting embraces this change and is constantly searching for new methods to better understand customer attitudes and opinions.